Reflections on Sacred Teachings
by Bhakti Tirtha Swami
Posted November 29 2002

Hari Nama Press, the publisher of books written by HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami, has come out with a new series called “Reflections on Sacred Teachings.” The books are roughly 250 to 300 pages each, and are commentaries on the Siksastakam, Madhurya Kadambini, Sri Isopanisad and Harinama Cintamani. The books will be coming out in this order, approximately one every two months. The Siksastakam will be available next week, December 1st.

The price of each book is US $14.95, but for those who order one or all of the books before January, they will be available for $10 each. Send your order to

Here is an excerpt from the forward of Reflections on Sacred Teachings vol. 1, Sri Siksastakam:
“He explains eternal truths in a way that enables a contemporary audience to appreciate them. He opens up the doors to the treasure house of Vedic wisdom, and somehow, without diluting it, he gets us to walk in, to take off our coats and shoes, and to feel at home. Before long, we are immersed in Vedic knowledge, in a comfortable and down home kind of way. Soon after, we are ready to partake of a friendly dinner in the company of Vaisnavas, and that dinner is comprised of the most succulent fare: bhakti. This book is a prime example of this phenomenon, and so, without any further distraction, I ask the Swami’s readers to enthusiastically dine on his nectarian words.”

-Satyaraja Dasa (Steven J. Rosen),
Author, Gita on the Green: The Mystical Tradition Behind Bagger Vance
Senior editor, The Journal of Vaisnava Studies

Spiritual Warrior IV, “Conquering the Enemies of the Mind” and Spiritual Warrior V, “Making the Mind our Best Friend” will also be available at the end of next year for a price of $14.95 soft cover.