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Jalebi Music News Flash

by MiraBai Devi Dasi

Posted November 23, 2006

Cows love JALEBI !!!

Now we know that we are doing something right! Why is that? Because the cows at Care For Cows in Vrindavana, just love --- JALEBI! To find out just how much please check out the very nice email sent to us by Kurma Rupa dasa reprinted on our official web site in our "PRESS" section under the "JALEBI FANtastic EMAILS" category, or click here !

Please take a good look at this picture that was taken during a photo and music jam session that burst out spontaneously in the goshalla as soon as the cows saw some delicious jalebis and heard some hoof stomping JALEBI Music songs! The picture shows one of the lovely cows at Care For Cows munching happily on a jalebi sweet ...and listening to some JALEBI Music with a headset! Absolutely beautiful!

Please go visit the Care for Cows web site at to view the fantastic slide show of these once-abandoned cows who are now living happily in Vrindavana, India, meet the wonderful devotees like Kurma Rupa das who are so lovingly taking care of them.... and learn how you too can help keep them safe and happy....and munching jalebis! : ) Thank you! the way......could that song be our JALEBI Music song "Go - Go Govinda" by chance?!? To listen to this song and download it free please go to our official JALEBI Music web site at then click on "MUSIC" in the Menu and then scroll down the Music section until you find the MP3 file for "Go-Go Govinda"! Click to listen online or right click and select "Save Target As" to download free!

Please remember that Care for Cows is providing food, shelter and care for abandoned cows in Krishna 's holy land so drop by and show Sri Govinda that you want to help care for His beautiful cows too! Sri Govinda Ki Jaya! Thank you! Flash