Chakra Announcements

Coming to Vrindavan?

by Deena Bandhu das

Posted November 23, 2003

We are pleased to announce that we have a group of 15 devotees who are dedicated to serving the Vaishnavas who come to Vrindavan. We start right from picking you up at the airport. A devotee will meet you at the airport with mahaprasad garlands, mahaprasad, and a bottle of water and have a taxi for you that may cost from Rs.1150 for Ambassador car (5 people) or Rs.1500 for a Tata Sumo Van (10 people) plus Rs.100 or so for parking the car while we wait for you.

Most of Vrindavan taxis are diesel so they cost less than the Delhi ones and also the Delhi ones may rip you off. Many devotees have been paying Rs.2000 - Rs.2500. Just today someone from Spain paid Rs.4,500! Two days ago, we knew two parties were coming about the same time, so they could split the cost and each only paid Rs.750.

Also if you want to freshen up and take a shower before coming to Vrindavan, we have made arrangements for that also with Delhi Temples.

So if you're coming to Vrindavan or know someone is coming please let us serve the Vaishnavas. We simply need the following information:

  1. Date and time of arrival.
  2. Airline and Flt. #
  3. From which city the flight is arriving.
  4. Number of devotees in your party.
  5. Whether you have booked accommodation or need to book accommodation.

For this service please send a message to both of the following devotees are in charge of devotee reception:

Thank you for this opportunity to render service.

In service of Sri Sri Krishna Balaram,
Deena Bandhu dasa

PS. Please don't write to me. I'm very busy with Parikrama and may not check my mail every day.