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Pirated Bamboonotes Videos

by Krishna Kumar das Mumbai, India

Posted November 20, 2006

I would like to caution devotees that pirated verisons of many of my Bamboonotes children CD's/DVD's are available in the market. Some shops in Vrindavan are selling them too. Even web sites like Matchless Gifts, are selling pirated verions. Apart from many problems with quality of CD/DVD , the content may also not be complete.

Besides of course, this discourages the genuine producers of spiritual content and rewards those who want easy money.

I appeal to all devotees to please avoid buying my CD's /DVD's from these sources and contact me or my authorised distributor instead. We also have a special pricing scheme for temple sankirtan stores.

The list of Bamboonotes devotional CD's are as follows :

  1. Adventures of Krishna Balaram
  2. Krsna - the Butter Thief
  3. Messages from Mahabharat
  4. Hanuman - the Invincible
  5. Pearls from Panchatantra

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