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New CDs simplify staging of transcendental dramas

[Hanuman meets Bhima]

by Caru das and Vaibhavi dasi

Posted November 20, 2004

For devotees interested in staging dramas, we have the soundtracks on CD in MP3 format of Savitri, Hanuman Meets Bhima, Transformation of Valmiki, Dracula Gets A Gita, The Butcher's Nightmare, The Scholar and the Boatman (our own 30-minute version), Shiva and Parvati, Hell, and The Ramayana.

To stage these all you require are a good public address system, costumes, and the actors lip synching. This works even indoors at close quarters with the audience.

We are most interested to swap with other devotees for similar soundtracks that we can use for dramas at festivals, on our internet radio as well as our KHQN AM radio station in Utah. However, if anyone would like to purchase this CD, it is $13.00 including shipping to anywhere in the world. We also have three DVDs of live performances: (1) Ramayana with spectacular fireworks during the burning of Ravana, (2) Butcher's Nightmare and Valmiki (3) The Scholar and the Boatman, also with Savitri. $21.00 for the three includes shipping. Email

[Transformation of Valmiki]

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[Narada the first eternal spaceman]

[Gita and Rajiv perform as Sita and Rama in The Ramayana]