Chakra Announcements

New Single Released

by Blue Monsoon Music

Posted November 12, 2008

Blue Monsoon Music is proud to announce the release of its first single - Srita Kamala

Instrumentally, it's a unique fusion of East/West instruments and styles. Vocally, it's a duet featuring Ron Marinelli (Uttamasloka dasa) and Christina Adams (Kaushalya dasi), along with 4 part harmony background vocals.

The song is available now to listen for free, and to purchase on...

In a few weeks, by the end of Nov/09 or earlier, it will also be available at all iTunes Stores, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, GroupieTunes, Lala, Shockhound, and Amie Street.

Our 4 Requests To You...

1. Take a few minutes to listen to the song - listening is free anytime.

2. If you like the song - BUY IT!!! It's only a buck - still a very fair deal in today's economy.

3. If you liked the song enough to buy it, please forward this newsletter to your eMail lists, and feel free to write your own review at the beginning of this newsletter, and make a personal recommendation to your friends and associates.

4. PLEASE DON'T GIVE FREE COPIES OF THIS SONG TO ANYONE!!! Play it for everyone, and encourage them to buy a copy if they like it. A LOT of time and effort went into making this recording, and it's only $1. We appreciate your support.

The Song...

Srita Kamala is a beautiful song from the book, Gita Govinda, written by Jayadeva Goswami, in the 12th century, in Orissa , India. It's a very well known devotional book in the Vaishnava tradition, full of stories about Krishna and his intimate associates. We're only singing the first 6 of the 9 verses comprising the original song. The song glorifies Krishna and his pastimes.

The Back Story...

I first heard a recording of this song around 1973, when I was living in an ashram in Toronto. It was on an album of bhajans (devotional songs to God) recorded by Acyutananda Swami, an American devotee of Krishna living in Mayapura, Bengal India. The melody was hauntingly beautiful, and I instantly fell in love with it. I taught everyone in the ashram this song and we sang it many times throughout the following years.

Unknown to me at that time, Christina Adams, who lived in India from 1970 to 1974, learned the song directly from Acyutananda Swami in the early 70s, having heard him perform it. He told her he heard and learned it from a local Bengali kirtan/bhajan group. Christina moved to France in 1974 and recorded an album of bhajans, which included a version of Srita Kamala.

In 1975 I managed an ashram in Chicago and that's when Christina and I first met. We all sang this song many times during daily bhajans. In 1978 I moved to Los Angeles and Christina and her husband moved to San Diego. In the 90s, Christina and her new husband, Anthony, moved to Los Angeles, and around 1997 I reconnected with them. We started a recording project together soon after that and this was one of the songs from that project.

Recording Notes...

Produced & Arranged by Ron Marinelli and Anthony Leigh Adams

Recorded, Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Ron Marinelli

Vocals arranged by Ron Marinelli

The original tracks were recorded on a Roland VS-1680. It was subsequently converted to the Roland VS-2480 format. From there, the tracks were exported as .wav files and imported into Logic Pro 8.0.2, for the final mixing and mastering. A wide variety of UAD plugins were used extensively during mixing and mastering, via a UAD-1e and UAD-2 Quad card. Logic Pro 8.0.2 is running on my MacPro Quad 2.66, with OSX 10.5.5.

The Players...

Ron Marinelli - Lead Vocal, Background vocals, Electric Guitar, Tanpura

Christina Adams - Lead Vocal

Anthony Leah Adams - Acoustic Guitar

Doug Robinson - Bass

Gilbert Levy - Drums, Tambourine

David Philipson - Bamboo Flute - Bansuri

Radha Gopinatha das Marinelli - Tablas

Elizabeth Everet - Background vocals

Ayo Adeyemi - Shaker

Ron Marinelli

Christina Adams

Anthony Leigh Adams

Doug Robinson

Gilbert Levy

David Philipson

Radha Gopinatha das Marinelli

Ayo Adeyemi


Srita kamala

srita kamala kucha mandala he dhrita kundala e kalita lalita vana mala jaya jaya deva hare

dina mani mandala mandana he bhava khandana e munijana manasa hamsa jaya jaya deva hare jaya deva hare

kaliya visha dhara ganjana he jana ranjana e yadu kula nalina dinesha jaya jaya deva hare jaya deva hare

Shining with the light Of the sun and the moon Rain your love's sweet monsoon Rain your boundless love Fill my heart with wonder Rain your boundless love My heart beats like thunder jaya jaya deva hare jaya deva hare

madhu mura naraka vinashana he amala kamala dala lochana he janaka suta krita bhushana he

garu dasana e bhava mochana e jita dushana e

sura kula keli nidana tribhuvana bhuvana nidhana samara shamita dasha kantha jaya jaya deva hare jaya deva hare

1) Glories, glories to Lord Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead,
who is bedecked with jeweled earrings and a garland of forest flowers
and whose feet are marked with a lotus!

2) The Lord's face shines like the whorl of the sun.
He removes the miseries of His devotees
and is the resting place of the minds of the swan-like sages.
Glories! Glories to Lord Sri Hari!

3) O Supreme Personality of Godhead who destroyed the demoniac Kaliya serpent!
O Lord, You are the beloved of all living entities
and the sun in the galaxy of the Yadu dynasty.
Glories! Glories to Lord Sri Hari.

4) O Lord, destroyer of the demons Madhu, Mura and Naraka! Seated on Garuda,
You are the source of joy for the demigods.
Glories! Glories to Lord Sri Hari.

5) O Lord Your eyes are like lotus petals, and You destroy the bondage of the material world.
You are the maintainer of the three worlds.
Glories to Lord Hari!

6) O Lord, as the gem of the sons of Janaka, You were victorious over all the asuras,
and You smashed the greatest asura, the ten-headed Ravana.
Glories to Lord Hari!

7) O Supreme Personality of Godhead who held the Goverdhana Hill!
Your complexion is like a fresh monsoon cloud, and Sri Radharani is like a cakora bird
who isnourished by drinking the light of Your moonlike face.
Glories! Glories to Lord Hari.

8) O Lord, I offer my humble obeisances at Your lotus feet.
Please bless me by Your limitless mercy.
Glories! Glories to Lord Sri Hari!

9) The poet Sri Jayadeva offers this songs of devotion and shining good fortune to Thee.
All glories! All glories to Lord Sri Hari!