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New Release

by Manjari dasi

Posted November 11, 2007

The new book: "Death Divine" describes real-life Krsna consciousness in-action at the most crucial time - death - a time when the external sufferings of the body are transcended by an internal joyous celebration in Krsna consciousness. Read how Krsna makes this arrangement for His devotee's final journey; the changes of heart and the outpourings of love as the dying devotee's heart increasingly overflows with love and surrender.

How to die fully absorbed in Krsna consciousness and attain the topmost spiritual destination? This question, the most essential of all questions, is of increasing concern for the devotees.

"Srila Prabhupada established the International Society for Krsna Consciousness in 1969 and promised the topmost spiritual attainment of going ' *back to Godhead*'' for anyone who sincerely followed the path of Krsna consciousness that he gave. Now, thirty-eight years later, we can see the result of those who lived and died relying upon Srila Prabhupada's promise. Read about the struggles and the success of five women who faced death spiritually and attained the highest spiritual perfection." (Back cover)

Reading about the extra-ordinary deaths of the seemingly ordinary devotees featured in 'Death Divine' is truly enlivening: The essential question of death is answered, doubts and fears of death are vanquished, one sees how Krsna consciousness actually releases devotees from *samsara* and one becomes enthused with renewed faith and determination for their own spiritual lives and practices.

As Sangita devi dasi explains in her Foreward:

"Within the pages of this book, Maijare shares with its readers the stories of several Vaisnavis who were told they had only months to live. Their experiences were real: their surrender extraordinary. These are the glorious stories of devotees who had everything taken from them through illnesses too powerful to overcome.

"However, as you will soon read, when a devotee is told he or she has only months to live, something astounding happens. We have seen it many times in our hospice work in ISKCON. The vulnerable become strong and the steadfast become even more determined. Why? Lord Krsna truly carries what we lack and preserves what we have. These are the special blessings given to one who has placed his or her life at the lotus feet of the Lord.

"My gratitude goes to Maijare for doing this wonderful book so devotees everywhere can hear the transcendental pastimes of these devoted Vaisnaves who offered mind, body and soul to *guru* and Krsna. Their stories are meant to inspire-and that they do. These exceptional pastimes between Lord Krsna and His beloved devotees will enliven you to continue your devotional practices with enthusiasm so that at the end of this life, you too can return home, Back to Godhead."

"Death Divine" enlivens everyone:

*All devotees - those who are steadfast and those whose faith and practices needs encouragement

*Congregation - will be inspired to be more active in the temple and more serious about their own devotional pursuits

*Public preaching/book distribution - misconceptions about Krsna consciousness and the devotees will be vanquished upon reading the real-life loving relationships and the sacrifices made by devotees - people facing life and death just like them.

There are five chapters in 'Death Divine,' each chapter features one of five devotees - their lives, coming to Krsna consciousness, their services, experiences and struggles in spiritual life, learning of their pending death, their unshakable and deepening faith in Krsna's mercy and the incredible events at the time of their death and attaining the topmost spiritual goal. Each chapter also describes how these devotees found within themselves an incredible depth of character and resoluteness in Krsna consciousness as they approached death. Those featured are: Mahima-bhusana devi dasi (SP), Hladini devi dasi (SP), Mulaprakriti devi dasi (SP), Savitri-priya devi dasi (BCS), Kirtida devi dasi (TKG).

"Death Divine, The Gateway to Spiritual Perfection," compiled and edited by Manjari devi dasi (author of Gauradesa, A Devotional Guide to Navadvipa Dhama), is dedicated to Srila Prabhupada and HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami. The Foreward is by Sangita devi dasi, President and Co-founder Vaisnavascare. It is softbound with 208 pages and has 8 pages of 17 full-color pictures. There is also a glossary for those not so familiar with devotional terminology.


Retail in the West - $US10+/-

Retail in India - Rs200

For more information or to get your own copy, please contact: Manjari devi dasi -