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New Narasimha Tantra CD out!

by Amaraprabhu das

Posted November 10, 2004

Mystic Formulae - Narasimha Tantra and other secret texts

One of the most secret and traditionally least researched subjects is the power of magic formulas, and on this CD you will find a summary of some of the famous Mantras in the Tantra scriptures. In the Vaisnava culture the two divine personalities who are the most important for seeking protection are Hanuman and Narasimhadeva; and the mystical power syllables connected with them are found on this CD. The recitation of such MANTRAS can purify the atmosphere and protect one from negative influences. Thus this CD can be used for example to accompany entrance into a new home, to eliminate sleeping problems or even to neutralize black magic. For further information please visit:

jaya jaya Narasimha

Editor's note: Amaraprabhu das, from Germany, asked us to point out that he is not the same person as Amara das, involved with GALVA, in Hawaii, USA.