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JALEBI Listeners Around the World

by MiraBai Devi Dasi

Posted November 8, 2006

The final count for October 2006 is in. Yes, last month the official JALEBI Music web site was honored by visitors from over 61 countries!

Our web statistics let us know where our listeners are located and this gives us an idea of where our type of music is popular.

Now that we know where our visitors are located now we would like to know ...who is visiting us! Please help us to get to know you by sending in your picture or a link to a picture, a short comment...and the title of your favorite JALEBI Music song. Yes because all participants will also be given the opportunity to receive their favorite JALEBI Music MP3 file absolutely free. Don't miss this opportunity!

All pictures will be posted in our new JALEBI Music FANtastics Picture Gallery. Be among the first to have your picture and comment posted.

You will be seen and your comment will be read by thousands of people. Tell your family, friends and colleagues.....and turn them on to JALEBI Music too.

And what's will receive a free JALEBI Music MP3 file of your choice!

If you like JALEBI Music ..... let the world know it!

We are looking forward to seeing you online.

Don't forget to also continue to click and vote for our songs at to help us maintain our number one position and push our other songs up the BETA Records World Beat chart. Thank you!

Bye for now.......remember to take a moment and drop by and click on "news" on the menuto check out the JALEBI Music Top 61 Contries list. Look for your own country on the list and see where it ranks.