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Free-hold Property for Sale in South India

by Syamasundara das

Posted November 5, 2006

Own a Farmhouse in South India and experience a whole new way of living at Hare Krishna Ashram Resort - a unique, fully integrated Rural & Spiritual Ambience, away from the hustle & bustle of city life. It is a Spiritual Village with activities of living which are centered around devotional service.

It is for the devotees who want to find shelter and create self-sustaining life style while inspiring others to live better lives. We maintain the balance between social mission and spiritual goals.

Try to live in the midst of Mango Grooves with abundance of other greeneries, while the mangoes creep into your windows! See the seasons burst forth into your back yard and nature's treasures mingle with the saintly chants of holy name, holy sounds of celestial musical instruments and chirping of different birds in a natural settings with beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets!

Own a Farmhouse in Hyderabad, South India, on Warangal National Highway near Bhongir town closer to the Ancient/Famous Temple of Lakshmi-Nrisimha Swami. Excellent connectvity by well maintained-4 Lane-Highway Roads and Railway Station, International Airports.

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.........." it is a nice concept and wonderful place to experience the joy of living with the devotees and with nature. it is the ideal investment at the ideal time with right promoters........."

.........." devotees who want to spend their retired life and practice k.c. in a community of devotees in a peaceful atmosphere in south india......"

..........." it is a great idea indeed........the purpose of this project is that the devotees can find shelter and create self-sustaining life........."

........." it is a nice idea and we get the good oppertunity to serve the devotees in a community. we need to form lot of such communities of devotees all over the world because the materialistc communites are fast advancing to go to hell and we need to save this planet as a means of service to srila prabhupada's movement........"