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Free Vastu Consultancy And Guidance

by Vidagdha Madhava das

Posted November 4, 2006

Vastu is a Holy Vedic science related to buildings, temples, furniture, plots etc. This science is based on material elements like earth, water, fire, earth etc. and 8 directions. Quantity of these elements in building depends on particular direction. For e.g. North east side of building represents water elements but if you put in that direction fire than in your home generally there will be fight amongst family members.

So building is like your body (actually it is an extension of your body). If your body is sick (elements are not in proportionate condition) you will not feel good, same way if building is sick (not constructed according to Vastu) than you will not feel good, even though it may be big, rich and new building.

Lot of Vastu consultants they are available in market but my consultancy is different. I add devotional remedies in Vastu. So it will help devotees materially as well as spiritually also.

For any type of free Vastu consultancy and guidance on the level of preconstruction, post construction and remedial, please contact me at the following address:
Mobile No. 9322290488