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Early Edition Prabhupada Books

by Dhanistha d.d.

Posted November 2, 2003

The following is a list of original early edition books by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada available through Stonefort Ashram:

  1. 1 full set excellent condition with all dust covers(like knew) Sri Caitanya caritamrtas 17 vol. first printing = $800.
  2. 4 sets of 3 volume large hardback silver Krishna books with dustcovers = $108. per set
  3. 3 sets large hardback silver Krishna books 2 volumes original first editions with dust covers = $108. per set.
  4. Misc. vol. of Srimad Bhagavatam (from original 30 vol. set) misc. vol. C.C.'s from original 17 vol. set first printings = $25. per book / good condition with dust covers

***All listed prices firm - plus shipping charges***

for further info:


Stonefort Ashram
Route 1 Box 267
Stonefort, Illinois 62987

Dhanistha at (618) 672-4689