Chakra Announcements

2004 FFL Calendar

by Deenanath das

Posted November 1, 2003

Available now is the Food for Life Vrindavan/Krishna Balarama Mandir 2004 Calendar.

This year we have dedicated the calendar to the cows and bulls of Vrindavan. We hope you will be inspired to actively participate in cow protection.

"His [Krishna's] first business is to give all comfort to the cows and the brahmanas. In fact, comfort for the brahmanas is secondary, and comfort for the cows is His first concern."
(Purp. SB 10.8.16)

For more information about cow protection in Vrindavan please go to:

Your servant,
Deenanath dasa
Food for Life Vrindavan.

"...a perfect human society advanced in knowledge must learn how to produce first-class food simply by agriculture and protection of cows."
(Purp. SB 10.7.15)