Weekly Hare Krishna TV show
by Pandava vijaya dasa
Posted May 23, 2003

In the late 1800's Bhaktivinode Thakura sent a treatise about Bhakti yoga/Krishna consciousness to London. It was forwarded to Mcgill University in Canada. This was Bhaktivinode's desire-to tell the English speaking people of the world about Krishna consciousness. He initiated this idea and Srila Prabhupada at the age of 69 decided to leave Vrindavin and go to New York and fulfil the desire of the previous acharyas to make available to the English speaking countries the science of Krishna consciousness that had been locked up in the Sanskrit language.

Houston is a large city with extremely hot temperatures that require people to spend the majority of their time indoors. People can only enjoy the parks and outdoors for a few hours and are forced inside to air conditioned comfort. There are few places to go and distribute books and perform hari nam. We decided to go to every persons living room and bring Krishna consciousness to them in a comfortable setting.. As guests in a person's home, we did not want to offend them in any way and always remember we are uninvited. In Houston Texas there are over 648,000 cable television subscribers. Every Friday at 6:30pm for the last 8 years Prabhupada's mission is being fulfilled by the Hare Krishna Tv show. It is named Dangerous TV because by watching the show a viewer might become a changed person. He might start to give up eating meat and drinking intoxicating beverages. He might add to his life offering his vegetarian food to the Lord and chanting the Lords name. It has happened to more that one viewer.

The Hare Krishna TV show contains Vedic philosophy, special events and exotic places from around the Hare Krishna world. It is a mix of ancient Vaishnava philosophy with modern mantra rap lyrics with Srila Prabhupada and his disciples presenting this timeless knowledge in a TV program viewed by 10,000 people each month.

A partial lists of guests include Srila Prabhupada himself, George Harrison, Ambarisa dasa AKA Alfred Ford, Hridayananda Goswami Harvard Ph.D., Ravindra Svarupa dasa Ph.D. Dr. Guru Bhakti, physician, medical doctor and initiated devotee, President Bill Clinton, Tamala Krishna Goswami, , Professor Kliever Chair of Religion Department at SMU, Olivia Newton John, and the Shelter band. Viewers are shown vegetarian recipes by Kurma the cook, while Kurma the Frog(no relation to Kermit the Frog) interviews Swamis and devotees about what Krishna consciousness is about. There is Rock and Roll mantra music by various devotee musicians and screaming Hare Krishna by Shelter band. It is an entertaining informative 30 minutes that bring the viewers back for more.

The 30 minute show is made up of a speaker talking about various aspects of Krishna consciousness, some mantra music by various musicians, a vegetarian fact or recipe, a hatha yoga posture, how to chant or offer one's food to the Lord, a clip of Hare Krishna's in the movies and various exciting footage of Krishna consciousness around the world.

The viewers have made some comments about the shows. One viewer approached by a book distributor said he watched the show and had no idea how deep the Hare Krishna philosophy was and took one of every book the distributor had with him. Another viewer said "From time to time in the history of life something comes along that just makes perfect sense! We at Sai Baba, USA Would like to voice our support for Dangerous TV/HKTV"! A reporter for Elle magazine was in his hotel room and happened to see the show and wrote about it in Elle magazine. "Then there's the religious niche market: Broadcast out of the Houston, Texas temple, the garage-style Dangerous TV/HKTV may only reach an audience of 10,000 but it incorporates video of a punk band playing a speed-metal version of the Hare Rama mantra, then segues into interviews with "famous" devotees like the great-grandson of Henry Ford and offers instruction in meditation, alternative medicine treatments, and vegetarian cooking. Though channel-surfing for swamis may not be your idea of must see TV, in the bold new world of user-friendly cable ministries, it's nice to know that everyone is giving the televangelists a run for their money." (ELLE magazine 1997)

Anyone can produce their own Hare Krishna Tv show. One need only have desire and Krishna will cover the rest. The steps are easy.

  1. Find a cable Tv station with public access.(the law requires they all air local programming)
  2. Become a producer to use the stations editing and camera equipment
  3. Get footage by either filming it oneself or using filmed footage of others.
  4. Edit it and use the format the station requires to create a finished TV show..

The cost for all this is very minimal and local devotees might help defray the expenses.

The opportunity to speak to thousand of people on a weekly basis makes this endeavor worthwhile. In the privacy of a person's home his TV set can be transformed into a vehicle that will help bring him back home to Godhead. As we like to say turn on, tune in , go back to Godhead.

Hare Krishna TV/Dangerous TV has a web page at http://www.iskcon.net/hktv Can be reached hktv@starmail.com or 713-665-8144.