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Deluxe Vrindavana Condo for Sale

by Chandrika dasi

Posted May 21, 2006

I purchased 2 condos at Ananda Krishna Van. I am selling number 324 one of the choice condos on one of the upper floors of the main building with easy access to the rooftop gardens and temple managed by Prabhupada disciples. The main building also houses the restaurant and planned additional restaurant and day spa. There will be a Yamanu Ghat and temple above in the courtyard, almost completed.

The condo has kitchen, air conditioning, hot and cold shower and tub--all of the amenities with first class new construction. I timed the walk to the back gate of Krishna Balarama Mandira and it took 7 minutes. You can view additional information about the project at

I plan to sell for $30,000 US with no condo fees. Fees are included in the original cost. You can contact me, Chandrika dasi, at