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Bhakti Sastri Degree

by Mahabuddhi dasa, Tarunkrishna dasa, Isa dasa, Bhagavati Kanta dasa, Achyuta Krishna dasa

Posted May 19, 2007

We are glad to announce the launch of 'Bhakti Sastri Degree' through long distance education (phone conference & web conference. Listen to LIVE lectures or recorded lectures).

The course will be facilitated by Center for BHAKTI Studies, PA, USA and WWW.PUREBHAKTI.TV, FL, USA. The degree will be awarded by Florida Vedic College (FVC), FL, USA - subject to completion of all assignments and tests.

The Bhakti Sastri Degree comprises of 11 courses for a total of 60 credits. The tuition fee is $5 per credit hour, payable in easy monthly installments. This course is free for all full time Brahamacharis (prabhus and didis both included). *For course details and admissions please visit

Tentatively the course will start in 3rd wk of July, 2007 with the following two books :

  1. Bhakti Tattva Viveka by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura - Taught by Syamarani Dasi
  2. Sri Manah Siksa by Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami - Taught by Bhaktivedanta Vishnu-daivata Maharaj

The Bhakti Sastri Degree is being offered to all 'willing to be students' of all organizations. So, we invite you all to take advantage of this unique and wonderful opportunity to enliven your life with the Vedic philosophy.

There are 22 more seats left of 30 max in the first batch.

For questions please email

Your servants,
Mahabuddhi dasa
Tarunkrishna dasa
Isa dasa
Bhagavati Kanta dasa
Achyuta Krishna dasa