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Narasimha Ksetra DVD

by Amaraprabhu dasan

Posted May 18, 2007

"New Release of a special DVD on the only Narasimha Temple outside of India. It shows with 5 different clips lots of pujas, Homas and different activities Devotees performed over the 25 years on this place. The profit of this DVD production goes straight back to the Lords Service (for his new Ornaments) and you will get one of the special insights of seeing prana pratistha (installation ceremony), Nyasas and other pujas performed as well famous Kirtans, Prabhupada Cenntenial 1996 and a whole Abhisheka of the Lord. The DVD has 2 hours and cost only 10 Euros. Please order from Thank you very much, Jaya
Jaya Narasimha