Chakra Announcements

Prabhupada Relics for Sale

by Danistha devi dasi

Posted May 17, 2008

Contained in this article are photo samples of some Prabhupada relics I have for sale at this time. Practically the whole museum will now be sold excepting a few cherished treasures I want to keep with me for the rest of this journey home.

Any devotee individual, temple community, or ashram interested in securing themselves authentic Prabhupada relics from my museum such as a personal signed letter, kurta or other clothing, signed document, or other such personal Prabhupada items, please contact me asap and I will arrange to speak with you about the details of these spiritual treasures.

Serious persons only. I am prepared to make special considerations in terms of the sale of the last of my collection - as well as pricing adjustments for any female devotees interested in the relics as I would rather they be put into feminine hands. Please contact me at: