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Vaisnava Summer Camp in Serbia

by Madhva Muni dasa

Posted May 16, 2008

Dear devotees and friends,

Let me share with you one part of Srila Prabhupadas letter:

"...I am very pleased to learn of our success in Yugoslavia. When there is a little hope of success in these countries, it encourages me 100 times more than in other places. If they take up this Krishna Consciousness, they'll take it very seriously..."
Vrindavan, october 1976. Srila Prabhupada

We would like to invite you to such a place, actually to Serbia. Everything is a 100 times more (good or bad). We are 100 years behind the rest of Europe, but we have 100 times less industry, we are earning 100 times less Euros per month, but we are gaining 100 times more unpredictability, trauma and excitement (remember the dictatorship, wars, revolutions...) and we will give you 100 more reasons to laugh and cry, to dance and serve, to make a friends and to come again.

Now we have a wonderful offering to all of you. for only 1 euro and 8 cents (times 100) find out all the secrets of devotional life, Holy Names, sadhana bhakti, relax sadhana and fake sadhana. Find out what is the taste of organic vegetables. What is the result of combination of forest air, chanting and laughing. Test yourself, how much you can listen (to seminars), scream (in the kirtan), focus (in the bhajan), eat (on the grass), talk (to others). How little you can sleep, worry and control yourself.

Visit the Tirtha of Fruska Goranga and bathe in the dust from the lotus feet of Vaisnavas.

This Year we will have:

  • Sacinandana Maharaja for the whole time of camp with Lessons for life; practical lessons where we can learn from the sweet dealings between Lord Caitanya and his devotees.
  • Bir Krishna Maharaja for the whole time( seminar about communications and empathy)
  • Rohinisuta Prabhu will come for the last 3 days
  • Jayapataka Maharaja will be there for a few moments (times 100) like always.( from 29.06. till 01.07.)
  • Krsna Ksetra Prabhu (soon we will know the the dates)
  • Vraja-lila Mataji empowered disciple of Bhaktitirtha Maharaja

The summer camp will last from 27 of June till 6th of July. That is 9 days. Or 777 777 seconds. For the excellent price of 108 euros you can eat (as much as you can), sleep (as much as you need) and listen seminars (never enough). Please book online and get more info at our website or first watch video hypnosis at

Your servant Madhva Muni dasa

reservation exclusively online through

If You have troubles with registration you can call (or send sms) Nityananda-kari between 16h and 18h on 0038761701107