Vaishnava Youth Bus Tour 2003
Posted May 4, 2003

Manu and Jaya Radhe of ISKCON Youth Ministry are now accepting applications from devotee youth ages 15 and up to attend the annual Harinama Sankirtana Bus Tour traveling to Rathayatras and temples across North America. The tour is now in its ninth year.

From June 26th through August 23rd, between 35-45 youth will travel alongside Festival of India, staging cultural performances including the drama "The Advent of Lord Jagannatha," bhajans, kirtanas, harinamas, book and prasadam distribution, plus camp at National Parks and go whitewater rafting along the way.

The tour plans to include Chicago Rathayatra, New Vrindavan, Gita Nagari, Washington DC Rathayatra, New York Sunday feast program, Boston temple, Montreal Rathayatra, Camping on Lake Ontario in Canada near the Thousand Islands, Toronto Rathayatra, Niagara Falls, Detroit Rathayatra, Dallas temple, Tucson temple, Los Angeles Rathayatra and gurukula reunion, San Diego temple, Laguna Beach temple, Camping in Kings Canyon and the Giant Sequoias National Park, Whitewater Rafting on the Kings River, San Francisco Rathayatra, Vancouver Rathayatra, Sharanagati Farm, Yellowstone National Park, Denver temple, Atlanta temple, and New Raman Reti in Alachua.

Some of you may remember the old school bus, ISKCON Garuda, that has taken the youth on their past eight tours. That old faithful breathed its last breath last year. Manu and Jaya Radhe are now accepting donations towards a better Greyhound-style bus to continue the tours.

This year they've again teamed up with Madhuha Prabhu and Festival of India to be the official cultural troupe traveling with the festival, something they hope to continue with the youth in the coming years.

"Our young people have a wealth of cultural talent. They're so good at devotional drama, dance, bhajans, kirtanas, harinamas, book and prasadam distribution... this tour gives them the opportunity to use their talents in Krishna consciousness in very real terms, preaching to thousands of awed onlookers wherever we go," says Manu Dasa, the tour's organizer. "Seeing so many of their own peers absorbed and having fun in Krishna consciousness is very enlivening for [the youth.] By the end of the tour you can literally see a fire lit in their eyes, a taste for what Krishna consciousness can be like. They've just spent the past two months absorbed in a bliss and happiness they can't find in other areas of their life."

To apply to come on the bus tour, either as a youth or chaperone or bus driver, or to give a donation towards a new bus, please contact Manu or Jaya Radhe care of ISKCON Youth Ministry, PO Box 283, Alachua, FL 32616, USA. Phone: 386-462-0481 (work) or 386-418-3839 (home), Email: