Free Sample of Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Supplement
by Panca tattva das (ACBSP)
Posted May 4, 2003

In January Tattva's Herbs announced the introduction of our line of Ayurvedic herbs. The response was overwhelming and we are thankful to all of you who called and e-mailed us. We would like to say thank you by offering of all of you a free sample of our best selling Chyawanprash (pronounced CHA-WON- PROSH). Just click on our web site at and select "Free Sample" from the left hand menu. We will ship you a one week supply (approximately 6oz.'s) of Chyawanprash.. It is suitable for adults and children alike. It is made with over 40 herbs in a paste of ghee and honey.. Literally thousands of years of experience and knowledge are combined in the preparation of Chyawanprash. It the most widely revered of all of the Ayurvedic formulas and is used by tens of millions of people in India. Our brand of Chyawanprash contains no artificial fillers and is made with pure Amlaki fruit which is the highest source of Vitamin C.

Our goal is to bring the science of Ayurveda to you and your family.. All of our herbs are grown in their natural environment without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. Our products are suitable for vegetarians as they contain no animal products and we use only vegetarian capsules .

Panca tattva das (ACBSP)