Chakra Announcements

Land in Vrindavan for Sale

by Syamasundara das

Posted March 24, 2008

For immediate Sale: Ideally located beautiful land (450 sq.yards) in devotees' 'Devaloka Colony' with a small house called "Prabhupada-Kutir". Boundary walls on all sides and a big gate. Water and electricity, close to Delhi Main Road, free from dust-pollution & traffic jams, 5 minutes walk from ISKCON-Krishna-Balaram Temple in Vrindavan.

Opp: Nandanavan, right next to Multi-crore temple project of Kripalu Maharaj (the 7th wonder of the world in making). We have a lot of open space to build another big house and garden if needed. It is really going cheap as we are in a need of immediate finances. All papers and title-Documents are clear and no hassle.

Contact Syamasundara das: mobile phone Number - 9948051980 / 9440528946.