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New Book Release - "Eighteen Days: Sri Panca-tattva's Mayapur-lila"

by Braja Sevaki dasi

Posted March 24, 2005

Alankara Books is pleased to announce their debut publication, entitled "Eighteen Days: Sri Panca-tattva's Mayapur-lila." This beautifully presented book covers the eighteen day period from the arrival of Sri Panca-tattva in Mayapur, up to Their maha-abhiseka installation ceremony---undoubtedly the most spectacular deity event in ISKCON's history.

The inside flap of the book reads:

A few days after the installation of Sri Panca-tattva, late at night in Radha Madhava's (and now Panca-tattva's) sewing room, a few devotees sat together and spontaneously began to share their realizations and insights into the magnificence of the events they had all just witnessed. It was a spiritually-charged atmosphere, rich with the memories of an event that we will never experience again in this lifetime. At one point, Jananivasa Prabhu said, 'Someone should be writing this down,' thereby sowing the seed for the creation of this book.

'Eighteen Days' is just one tiny portion of what should be a hundred---a thousand---books, all glorifying the unlimited pastimes of the Supreme Lord and His associates, Sri Panca-tattva. 'Eighteen Days' is a behind-the-scenes look at the festival preparations, the arrival of the deities, and preparing Them for the installation ceremony. It is more than an account of the huge amount of resources and manpower it took to create the festival and prepare for this event---it is a tribute to all who participated, went without sleep, labored endlessly, and stressed unlimitedly, all just to bring this desire of Srila Prabhupada's to fruition.

'Eighteen Days' is, like it's predecessor 'The Advent of Sri Panca-tattva,' an important contribution to ISKCON's living history, and a fitting memorial to commemorate the 2005 First Anniversary Celebrations of the arrival of Their Divine Lordships, Sri Panca-tattva.

As the only existing record of the event, this book will no doubt be of high interest to all devotees in ISKCON. It is a memorial edition, beautifully presented in high quality art paper on every page; 64 color images (photography chiefly by Nitya-trpta devi dasi, with additional photos by Amogha Das ACBSP, Padmanabha Das ACBSP, and Vrindavan Lila Dasi, Mayapur's resident photographer), and written in diary form by Braja Sevaki devi dasi and Rasarani devi dasi (daughter of Hari Sauri and Sitala devi), both of whom have captured the color, spectacle, drama, and wonderfully intimate insights into this unique event. The introduction is written by His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, with the foreword by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami.

Publisher: Alankara Books
204 pp on 100gsm imp art paper
64 color plates on 130gsm imp art paper
Cover matt laminated 220gsm with 4" flap
Printed by Thomsons Press Limited, Delhi
Retail price: advertised in BTG at US$12.95, no price on book
Wholesale and distributor prices available
Freight ex Calcutta

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