Chakra Announcements

Hugh Building for Sale In Vrindavan

by Acutya Caitanya dasa

Posted March 21, 2006

Located on Parakrama Marg, just five minutes walk from Krsna Balaram Mandir and near Lalita Asrama, is the Srila Prabhupada Charitable Society which is for sale.

This building has 20 rooms including a large temple room. There is also a kitchen, courtyard, terrace and basement. Most of the bedrooms have attached bathrooms. Two floors are completely constructed and more rooms can be added to the third floor if needed. This property is registered with the municipality as a society and there are many benefits, the most important being income tax exemption.

This building can be used as an asrama, guest house, hospice, an institution of sorts or it can be put to other uses. Transfer of property is simple and it can remain as a society upon registration, if required.

I have invested a lot of personal time into this society and I am willing to make myself available to the new owners if they need any assistance or advice after the transfer of property. For more information and to discuss the price, please contact me on ++91 9319049129 or email me at My name is Acutya Caitanya dasa. I am open to offers.

PS/ soon, the Parakrama Marg will be free from motor traffic. All traffic will be diverted to the new road linking Mathura Road to Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg which is almost complete.

Attached are two pictures of the building.