Chakra Announcements

New book on Gayatri mantras

by Kalakantha-devi dasi

Posted March 19, 2005

HH Srila Sacinandana Swami has written a book to help devotees explore the intricate meanings of the gayatri-mantras, while gaining inspiration and encouragement for their devotional service.

The Gayatri Book is a comprehensive manual and a source of inspiration on the mystery of the gayatri-mantras, their meaning and practice -- a book not only for second-initiated practitioners, but for aspiring candidates as well as for inquisitive nectar seekers.

"If Vaishnava culture is to take root in the West and carry on indefinitely, surely individual practitioners need to have a thorough understanding of their adopted tradition. The Gayatri Book aims to fill this need. Those who know Sacinandana Swami personally will recognize the imprint of his expertise and concern as a teacher. The Gayatri Book is both a practical manual and a carefully woven explication, thoughtfully structured as an unfolding, blossoming flower, revealing one after another the layers of significance to this important aspect of brahmana practice." -- Krsna-ksetra das

Hardbound, 367 pages, size 22x15x4 cm. For more information about the book and for the orders, please write to