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Seeking/desiring service (seva)

by Radha Govinda das

Posted March 18, 2005

Dear Devotees,

My name is Radha Govinda dasa, writing from Montreal, Canada. Am, presently in a 45y/o, vanaprastha body; fluent in spoken and written English and French; with a certain fluency in spoken Spanish.

Am seeking/desiring service(seva), in any city of the world, as brahmacari-ashram leader/trainer/recruiter; with efficient training program of good sadhana; being joyfully performed/maintained in conjunction with a serious program of preaching, nagara Harinam sankirtan with book, prasadam, invitation, etc... distribution.

If the above would interest anyone, at our various temples and/or centers; please, contact us at:

7-6725 Darlington Ave.
Montreal, QC
Canada H3S - 2J7

Tel. : (514)342-6625
Numerical Pager: (514)590-3333
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