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New Malola CD Release Of Traditional Haridasa Kirtanas By Sri Vidyabhushana

by Amaraprabhu dasan (Germany)

Posted March 12, 2006

Classical, devotional Songs from the Haridasas (16th century) of South India, coming in the tradition of Sripad Madhvacarya, are presented in around 60 minutes on this new Release of Malola Music. Sri Vidyabhushana, the famous vocalist in Karnatic Music, is presenting these rare compositions with original Raagas and is supported with traditional instruments like Veena, Ghatam and Mrdangam. The songs are written about the devotion to Krishna, especially to Lord Udupi Krishna, one ancient shrine in north-west Karnataka (south India). From this Place Sripad Madhvacarya has started to preach devotional service all over India, and great spiritual disciples have dedicated their life to support his mission. From this spiritual revolution fantastic Music composition has come out, and kept even up to this day in a very traditional order. It shows again that Music and Devotion is evergreen, and if it is handled carefully brings great joy to generation after generation. Don't miss this wonderful Music experience. If you like to hear the music check the webpage, there you can find some mp3 files of the Music of Devotion...