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Jalebi Music Tops World Pop Charts

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Posted March 11, 2008

Jalebi music bills itself as "happy blend of East and West" with a message of peace, love and harmony. Beyond their musical harmonies and talents, one of the ways they have increased their popularity is through word of mouth from happy fans. In today's music-download scene, that popularity is also measured by websites which host their music. Fans who particularly enjoy their music can listen to samples and sometimes to entire tracks.

Jalebi Music has grown in popularity and has stayed near the top of world music charts for over two years. The music world is always changing, of course, and the band is hoping to prolong their stay on the charts by encouraging people to listen to their music on some of these websites such as Beta Records and Song Vault.

Jalebi currently has six of the most-listened-to songs at Beta and three of the most popular songs at Song Vault, but In an appeal to their supportive music fans the band declared that they had recently slipped slightly in popularity on the Beta Records world music chart. "Please don't let this happen," they ask. "We are counting on you. Just click and let the song play for about 20 seconds, which is enough to register a vote, and then move on to the next song until you have clicked and voted for all of our songs. When you click and listen, it is an automatic vote.

You can see the Beta Records world music chart at the bottom of this webpage. "Please, everybody; vote," they say. "Thanks a million."

If you do visit one or more of these sites, just might not be able to get the "Radha Govinda Kirtan" out of your head, but is that such a bad thing?

About the Artists:

Songwriter and lead singer MiraBai dasi (Shirley Marie Bradby), saying that she considers her voice to be her instrument, tries constantly to improve and expand her range. MiraBai has stated that her musical quest cannot be divorced from her search for self- realization and has traveled to India to see and experience firsthand the spirituality for which India is famous. Her experiences with Indian culture and music impressed her so much that she decided to combine traditional Indian music with gospel, soul and blues.

Ramananda Roy das, the band's bassist, has learned to play harmonium, sarod, mrdanga and dhola; he is also expert in making musical instruments. Ramananda Roy has used his trips to India, Europe and North Africa to increase his knowledge of different musical cultures. Declaring that India has always held a special fascination for him, he travels to India at least once a year to update his musical skills and to see what is happening on the Indian musical scene.

Yasodananda das plays guitar and various other instruments. His main aspiration, he says, is to perfect his research and experimentation with sound design using music from various cultures, which he considers to be one of the most fascinating aspects of modern music technology. He has performed with many other musicians and is also a member of the Govinda band and the Kesava band. Some of his work for the Govinda band has been used in Italian television commercials.