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Krishna Bedtime Stories

by Ganga Varuni

Posted March 10, 2007

Before the Beginning, the first of a series of children's books from Dharma Design Publications, gently expresses the basics of Krishna consciousness in a style suitable for its young audience. In this book, the forest animals excitedly gather together to hear Father Parrot's relating of Lord Krishna's life in the spiritual world. Side story-lines lovingly teach values such as cooperation, obedience, respect and compassion. The first of its kind, Krishna Bedtime Stories establishes the basics of spiritual life in easily digestible terms.

Attention to the content, construction and delivery is evident. The narrations of Lord Krishna are philosophically authentic, while the conventional morals are portrayed in psychologically age-appropriate terms. More than 93 full color illustrations flank the hard bound book's alternating pages of text. Solid construction and thick paper are intended to keep this book on your shelf for generations to come.

This sweet and simple introduction to spiritual life and Lord Krishna is already getting positive feedback from parents across the country. To purchase this book for your child or another loved youngster in your life, go to Click Here