Chakra Announcements Invitation

by Aneta

Posted March 1, 2006

Namaste dear friends,

I would like to invite you to Place where you can buy beautiful Vaishnava gifts. is my realized dream form few years back. When my son Mathew came to this world I had a desire to give my child toys which will be helping him to develop attraction for Krishna. I personally don't have so much luck and I grew up on Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and would like to avoid this situation for my children. I don't want them to put in their minds fiction things and persons, which dos not help them in realizing goal of human life. I had a desire to make possible for my children to play with real toys which helps them to develop their affection for the Supreme Lord. I'm aware that this is very important for them. Childhood is in most cases (or should be) most stress less, enjoyable time of our presence here. Forms and situations which we are contemplating become our sentiments. Today for example when I see form or pastimes of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck automatically good memories of my childhood days appears in my mind. I hope for my children when they will grew up that they will have the same feelings when they will be watching a form of Krishna and His associates. This thought was inspiration for me to sew Krishna dolls and other Krishna related items for my children.

Then when my oldest girl Satya dasi came to this world, the idea of an internet store appeared in my mind. Along with Satya dasi appearance, name of the store - came. When my youngest girl Krishna lila dasi appeared here it was time to take ideas and make them happened. So that's all about history of which are very closely related with my family history.

At you can find products hand crafted by me (embroidery tabs and dolls) and also thanks to Vani Publishing House beautiful puzzle and other Krishna related games. All money from Vani products sale I'm giving back to Vani Publishing House and they are spend it for design and creation new wonderful Krishna related games and toys (now they preparing to publish some Krishna books for children).

I'm planning to update my store often so if you don't want to miss something, please subscribe to my newsletter. I will inform you about any news.