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Prabhupada Village Co-operative Home School
With Experienced Teachers Available

by Maharha devi dasi

Posted June 29, 2003

Our goals:

  1. To provide a Krishna conscious, loving, healing, and secure learning environment for children, where creativity and individualism are encouraged.
  2. That our children will love school.

Our school is a positive alternative to public school teaching. We use the Oak Meadow curriculum, which is Waldorf based. Although all traditional subjects will be studied, they are approached with an imaginative spirit, which we feel is closer to the heart of a child, rather than a strictly intellectual approach.

There will be lots of projects, activities and outside adventure. We have joined forces with a non-denominational homeschool support group where we engage in activities such as 4H club, drama, field trips, sports, and more. The fun doesn't stop when school is over, as we continue to meet during the summer months for hiking and swimming at beautiful Hanging Rock State Park, only ten minutes from Prabhupada Village.

This year Arcana Siddhi devi dasi is joining our team to help make our school successful. She has been a clinical social worker for 12 years and is experienced in working with children and adolescents. She will be our guidance counselor and advisor.

Along with school, you will enjoy the beautiful foothills of North Carolina, which is cooler than Florida, with mild winters. There are two large cities only 45 minutes to an hour away from Prabhupada Village. A temple and school building are under construction.

For more information, please call Maharha devi dasi at 336-871-9606 or e-mail me at