Chakra Announcements

Flute Making And Repair

by Jean and Bhairavesh

Posted June 23, 2006

We own a flute repair/manufacturing business and are looking to expand. We will be relocating to the Asheville, North Carolina area in a few months and will be apprenticing a few qualified people. It takes about 6 months to a year to learn the job. Training is free, and we will provide prasadam and accommodation. There is no school for this, so this is the only way to learn the craft. Once trained, we will pay a piece rate per instrument overhauled or whatever other service is done. For example, the rate for overhauling a student flute is $125 and it could be done in one day. Overhauling a professional silver flute we will pay $350, and that can be done in two days. This job has little to do with Krishna, but we would prefer to hire vegetarians or devotees. We do not belong to any institution, but are independently inclined toward devotional service.

We also own a yoga studio and music recording studio where we plan to host regular kirtan evenings.

Talented and hard working musicians are welcome to joint the kirtan group. We will tour yoga studios and Indian communities around the country. There is a potential for income from ticket sales and CD sales.

If anyone is interested in helping with the music studio please contact If interested in the yoga studio contact

We are looking for people ready for a long term commitment.

To learn more about us go to: