Chakra Announcements

Strengthening the Bonds That Free Us

by North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT)

Posted June 20, 2007

The North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT) announces the next presentation of the VTE (Vaisnava Training and Education) Grihastha Training Course I to be held in Alachua, Florida, July 13, 14, and 15, 2007, at the Alachua Charter School. This three-day, comprehensive marriage and family training course entitled, “Strengthening the Bonds that Free Us” © is aligned with shastra and Srila Prabhupada’s precepts. This course includes in-depth exploration, interactive exercises, role plays, journaling, and practical training in the following areas:

The course will be presented by two couples: Tamohara das and Mantrini devi dasi; and Karnamrta das and Arcana Siddhi devi dasi. Tamohara das has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, is a trained marriage educator through the PREP program (, and has counseled devotees for the past 15 years along with his wife, Mantrini devi dasi. He is also the Director of the ISKCON Child Protection Office. Mantrini devi dasi has a B.S. in Child and Family Studies, and is a trained marriage educator through the PREP program, and also works with the Child Protection Office. They have been married 37 years. Arcana Siddhi devi dasi has a Master’s degree in Social Work, is a Licensed Certified Social Worker and has Family Therapy and Children and Adolescents Certification. She is a professional therapist and works with her husband Karnamrta das counseling devotees. They have been married 17 years. All presenters are members of the North American Grihastha Vision Team. (

The VTE Grihastha Training Course I, “Strengthening the Bonds that Free us” was authored by members of the North American Grihastha Vision Team with final editing by the VTE. All Grihastha Vision Team Members are either professional, experienced counselors, marriage educators, or therapists. The Grihastha Vision Team is one of the North American Spiritual Strategic Planning Team (SSPT) initiatives and is supported by North American ISKCON leadership.

In the past, the VTE Grihastha Training Course I has been presented in New York City, New York; Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, Canada; Washington D.C.; and Durban, Capetown, Johannesburg, and Pretoria, South Africa. Future plans for 2007-2008 include presenting the course in Toronto, Canada; Argentina; Portland, Oregon; and Mayapur, India.

The course fees are $108 for couples and $75 for singles, which includes a course manual and lunches for the three days. To register for the course, please contact Mantrini devi dasi,