Chakra Announcements

Service for Housing Exchange

by Abhay Caran Dasa

Posted June 19, 2007

We have accommodation (studio apartments) available in California, USA. We are also looking for a family or couple of devotees who would like to exchange services for accommodation. Please Read full Article:

The Cozy Chipmunk Motel in Cedar Glen (near Lake Arrowhead) California, is now under Devotee Management.

Situated at 5000 feet above see level, we are not only miles above the pollution of California below, but also just 2 miles from the lake, in a beautiful tree lined setting. Just 1 1/2 hours from Los Angeles, 2 hours from San Diego, and 45 minutes to San Bernardino, this is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life without having to travel far. There are beaches (yes - they have beaches in the mountains!), forests, and hot springs all very close by the motel. There are lots of yoga classes and activities nearby. For children, there are a number of schools, including a Montessori school, also dance school, skate park and the Ice Castle International Olympic ice-skating facility and lots more.

Nightly rates are available for visitors (Call for nightly rates), or for long term stays $240 weekly or $850 Monthly (this includes all utilities and taxes.)

Currently we are seeking a couple of devotees who would like to come and join our family here, and help part-time with some basic chores in exchange for accommodation. You will receive a large apartment located in the lower level of the manager's house with your own private entrance, which is detached from the motel. All utilities are included and we even have VOIP telephone for your use (free calling throughout US, Canada & Europe).

This is Part-time work - ideal for a couple. If one partner is working, the other could do this work part-time, or both persons could split the work up.. we're very flexible so long as the work does get done on time we can work various arrangements.

The motel has 11 rooms - but most of these are rented long-term, so generally, there is not a lot of work in the motel itself. Duties in exchange for accommodation would be: cleaning motel rooms when guests check out, helping with laundry, casual handyman work as required, small maintenance work, etc. additional tasks would be helping our family with various chores, which we are willing to do in return , such as occasional cooking, running errands etc.

We have 2 children - a girl aged 4 years and a newborn (6 weeks), therefore ideally we would like to extend this offer to another small family, so that we can all benefit from each others' company, spiritually and materially. Of course, this is simply an "ideal", we would love to hear from any devotee who feels this may be a suitable situation for all of us. Gurukulis and FOLK (friends of Lord Krishna) are encouraged to apply (wife/mother is Gurukuli too). We are non "sectarian" - we welcome all aspiring devotees from all camps.

For any accommodation inquiries, or more information regarding the employment offer, please call Abhay Caran Dasa: 909-297-3038 (All hours)