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'The Divine Shelter' - A New Book of Inspiring, Krishna Conscious Poetry

by Ratna Radhika devi dasi

Posted June 18, 2006

This new book, containing over fifty-one Krishna Conscious poems is unique in its simple and charming style. Each poem brings forth the essential teachings from Srila Prabhupada's books in a clear and heart-touching manner. The steady rhyme and meter of the verses make the poems easy to read. And because the message of each poem is deep and thought-provoking, one can relish re-reading the poems over and over again to gain further insight.

"The Divine Shelter" was written by Krishnapriya devi dasi, a disciple of H.H. Lokanatha Maharaja. She was born in Jaipur and has been serving in ISKCON for fifteen years. Recently Krishnapriya underwent a serious brain surgery, in which she almost left her body. Having survived that traumatic period in her life, she is now even more enthusiastic to write poetry to inspire the devotees with her realizations.

Here are a few verses from one of the poems: The Glorious Holy Name

It is golden time for chanting
The Lord's holy name.
To cross the material ocean
And reach the spiritual aim.

A good time to sweep out
One's doubt and anxiety.
The holy name has all power
To bring peace to society.

A good time to wipe the dust
From one's heart and mind.
The holy name cleans eternally,
It is everlasting, pure and kind.

Soft-bound, 80 pages.
$5 + shipping