Chakra Announcements

Padma Academy's Library

by Urmila d.d.

Posted June 12, 2004

An Opportunity to Complete the Collection of Devotional Books for Krishna's Children. Every book makes a difference!

Visitors gasp with delight when visiting our library. Four thousand books is quite a lot for a small school! When recently a kind donor gave us a large box of books by ISKCON authors, we realized that the children of our school now almost have all existing books from Prabhupada and his followers. With that dream within our grasp, a student's mother made a list of all the books we are still "missing." The total price, as listed in the Krishna Culture catalog, is about $600. This does not include works published by the BBT, Archives, or Torchlight, all of whom kindly donate to our library. The teachers, students, and their families, are grateful to them daily.

To help, you can go to our website,, and donate through paypal. Please indicate that you want your donation to be for the library. Or you can send a check to Padma Academy, 915 Dimmocks Mill Rd., Hillsborough NC, 27278. If you wish to purchase or send specific books, then you may contact Gurubhakta devi dasi at to get a list of what is needed. You may then send her the books directly through whatever means or company you desire. Thank you very much!

Your servant,
Urmila devi dasi