Chakra Announcements

Nitai Gauranga Deities for every home

by Sarvabhavana das

Posted June 7, 2004

Would you like to fulfill Srila Prabhupada's desire to see Gaura Nitai Deities worshipped in every home on the planet?

We are here to assist you, serve you and satisfy you 100 percent, in this project from Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's birthplace, Sridham Mayapur. We are working hard to satisfy devotees from all over the world to get exactly what they want, the way they want and when they want. Send your picture, drawing, idea or description with the size and way you like to see Their Lordships; your 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed. This is first time such an opportunity has become available.

We are professionally set up for custom designing of fibreglass and brass casting; talented artists are working on clay and wax models to satisfy experts who know the all the correct Deity proportions and details. You have a chance for final approval of the model before casting; upon approval, we can supply you with an unlimited quantity in a short period of time.

All painting is sweetly done by expert Bengali artists, as you see in the picture. We are mixing about 50 percent Neem saw dust with 50 percent resin, which gives the Deity a natural appearance and suitability for installation.

We are here to help each and every temple, community and individual who wants to serve Gaura Nitai or distribute Deities all over the world in any quantity they like. We will take digital photos at every step and send via email for your approval before shipment if you wish. Shipping is organized from Kolkata city to your doorstep.

Prices are flexible, depending on your quantity and drawing. We can discuss everything via email, and you are welcome to contact me at any time. I am available at

NOTE: Two-foot (60 cm) Gaura Nitai Deities are solid and weigh approximately 11 pounds (5 Kg) each, or 22 pounds (10 Kg) for the set. Deities can also be made hollow to be still more light and inexpensive.