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JALEBI Music Global Video Release

by MiraBai Devi Dasi

Posted June 4, 2007

JALEBI Music announces the world wide release of its first JALEBI Music Video "Jaya Radhe (The Girl Has Got It All)" This video has already become famous due to a global publicity campaign organized by JALEBI Music that involved fans trying to guess exactly which of the eight songs on the JALEBI Music debut CD would be chosen for the group's first video! JALEBI Fans from 134 countries were given the opportunity to win a JALEBI Music digital CD if they guessed correctly the title of the JALEBI Music song chosen for the video!

JALEBI Music wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners whose names have been posted on the official JALEBI Music web site at in the NEWS section and to sincerely thank all of the participants for becoming involved and for supporting always....JALEBI Music's efforts to promote, peace, transcendental love and harmony around the world.

Since our JALEBI Music Video "Jaya Radhe (The Girl Has Got It All) has been launched globally it is NOW ONLINE and available on various web sites for your transcendental listening and viewing pleasure!

Here is a partial list of where you can find and get our JALEBI Music video "Jaya Radhe (The Girl Has Got It All):

We would like to encourage all of our JALEBI Music Fans Around the World to not only look and listen to our video but to also post it on their web sites, web pages and blogs! Share it with your family, friends and colleagues...and the World! Pass the word! You will not only receive our heart-felt thanks but even more will receive the sweet blessings of Srimate Radharani, Herself! Jaya Radhe! Jaya Sri Krishna!

Hare Krsna! Namaste!
-Shirley Marie Bradby (MiraBai Devi Dasi)
-Ramandanda Roy
-Yasodananda (Every CLICK is an important VOTE for JALEBI Music) (official web site)