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New York Prasadam Saves the World:
And We Need Your Help!

by Satyaraja das

Posted July 29, 2004

In addition to restaurants, devotees have always found unique ways to distribute prasadam, including catering services, such as Magic Lotus, Food For Life, cookbooks, such as Yamuna's and Kurma's, and prasadam carts. Most such carts are short-lived endeavors. But Jerry Abrams-with determined enthusiasm-has been dedicated to giving New Yorkers a taste of Krishna for some twenty years. "Dishes Make Merchant a Taste Treat on Broadway," reads the headline of Warren Woodberry Jr.'s front-page story in New York Newsday. "Dozens of people wait patiently in line to be served from the busiest food cart during lunch time." Woodberry describes Abrams as a phenomenon, and praises his work in superlatives. And that's just one of many major articles-the New York Times and New York magazine also ran feature stories, acknowledging this distinct cart's culinary specialness. "It's not just because it's vegetarian," says Abrams. "It's because it's prasadam."

Jerry has been dedicated to his service for over two decades but has recently fallen on hard times. First with the September 11th tragedy (his cart was right beneath the Twin Towers) and now with a shortage of those who are willing to help in his new location in midtown Manhattan. And he's willing to pay:

He needs a hard-working, responsible individual (or couple, and he'll pay each the 10 dollars an hour...) to act as chef, serve customers (takee-out only), and assist the owner in managing the business. Responsibilities include food preparation, serving customers, and keeping the work area clean. [This position requires a NYC Food Vending License, which he will assist you in acquiring.] All replies should include a daytime or evening phone number, and specify the best time that you can be reached. You can contact Jerry by emailing him or writing to his family address, which he checks regularly: c/o Stuart Abrams, 601 Three Island Blvd., Hallandale Beach Florida, 33009. It can't hurt to inquire!