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New book by Bhakti Tirtha Swami

by Lila Kantha dd

Posted July 21, 2003

In about one month, Reflections on Sacred Teachings, Volume III: Harinama Cintamani by H.H. Bhakti Tirtha Swami will be available. It will cost $14.95 and be approximately 300 pages. For any of those who have not already ordered, here is your last chance to order the book at a discount of only $10.00 plus shipping costs. Send your request to Lila Katha dasi at

Below is a short excerpt from the Forward:

"Bhaktivinoda's Harinama Cintamani, where Haridasa Thakura discusses each of the offenses to the Holy Name, as well as the stage of chanting in pure love, has already inspired books by Satsvarupa Maharaja, Sacinandana Swami, and Mahaniddhi Swami. Yet B.T. Swami's contribution is unique, as he explores subtleties of offenses, and explains how our daily lives in Krishna's service affect and are affected by our chanting.

"Many topics that are of great importance to serious practitioners of bhakti are discussed here in direct and thought-provoking ways. B.T. Swami fearlessly writes of sexuality and celibacy, standards for guru worship, realizing our eternal spiritual form (siddha deha), rejecting fallen disciples, and tendencies to practice spiritual life as if it were mundane 'religion.' His question and answer sections are so relevant that the reader will feel that his or her own queries are being addressed. One feels that B.T. Swami is our intimate, caring friend, gently yet directly admonishing us to cleanse our hearts and apply ourselves with joyful seriousness to the task of falling in love with Krishna through His Holy Name."

- Urmila devi dasi, ISKCON Educator