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Jalebi - New Devotee Band

by MiraBai dd (Shirley Marie Bradby)

Posted July 17, 2006

Yasodananda Das, Ramananda Roy Das and Shirley Marie Bradby (MiraBai Devi Dasi) are three enthusiastic devotees who have cooked up a fresh batch of devotional music filled with various tasty ingredients like traditional Indian music, a bit of soul and funk, a pinch of pop technology...... and offered it all to Sri Krsna! Now it is ready to be served to everyone around the world....... hot and sweet just like the famous Indian sweet snack called * jalebi* after which the band is named! Hmm...absolutely scrumptious! Sri Krsna Prasadam ki Jaya!

Jalebi music and songs are ready to be tried and tasted at

At / jalebi you can find out more about the members of Jalebi, listen to their music, review their songs and leave your comments and messages. Last but definitely not least you can also download free Jalebi MP3 files!

For more details about getting this CD for individual or temple distribution, please write: *RE: Jalebi Music* to the following e-mail address: