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The Bhaktivedanta VedaBase 2003.1 Now Available

by the staff of the Bhaktivedanta Archives

Posted July 13, 2003

Prabhupada Village, July 11.

The long anticipated release of the newly expanded and upgraded 2003.1 VedaBase is here and ready to ship.

This version is bigger and better than ever! For you ISKCON history buffs you can now see all the BTGs (1966-to present) Vyasa-puja books (1969-present) pre-1978 books along with audio for the Bhagavad-gita slokas and much, much more.

The list below is of the NEW ITEMS ADDED for this 2003.1 version.

To order your copy, upgrade or find out more, log onto or

BONUS: if you purchase this new version soon you will also receive the newly mastered 45 stories told by Srila Prabhupada for your transcendental listening pleasure. These stories are not sold separately.