Chakra Announcements

Mayapur Flats Available

by Shankararanya Dasa

Posted July 9, 2007

Flats for Sale

  • One Bedroom AU $16000 (US $13,500/ INR Rs. 550,000)
  • Two Bedroom AU $26000 (US $22,500/ INR Rs. 900,000)
  • Three Bedroom AU $35000 (US $30,000/ INR Rs. 1,212,428)

Flat is registered in your name and you are the owner.

Individual Rooms for Life time

  • One small room with Bathroom AU $3,500 (US $3,000/ INR Rs. 120,000)
  • One medium room with Bathroom AU $5,500 (US $4,700/ INR Rs. 190,000)
  • One large room with Bathroom AU $7,500 (US $6,500/ INR Rs. 260,000)

Small, medium and large rooms are used when you are in Sree Mayapur, other times the key is used by the Trust Committee. Your name is above the door and the room is in your name for your life time. Your parents/relatives/friends can also stay in the room. [This is subject to a maximum of sixty days stay per year, bills included; three days complimentary prasädam will be provided]


The complex is on the main road and is approx. two minute’s walk to Mahaprabhu’s birth place and a fifteen minute’s walk from our ISKCON temple.

For more details, please contact Shankararanya Dasa/Pancaratna Dasa.

Shankararanya Dasa
Phone: +61 403 979 069

Pancaratna Dasa
Phone: +91 9414 2025 94