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New TKG videos released

submitted by Prananatha das (BSDS)

Posted July 7, 2004

"Transcendental Visions" presents six and a half hours of previously unreleased footage of HH Tamal Krishna Goswami filmed in Christchurch, New Zealand in June 1993. Available in sets of 4 discs on DVD as well as mp4 formats.


Tamal Krishna Maharaja delivers authoritative realisations on a range of topics, including leaving one's body in the Holy Dham, grhastha contributions, full surrender, and many other topics. He speaks strongly against those who speak and act against ISKCON and the systems Srila Prabhupada put in place. He resolutely shows himself to be a staunch defender of Prabhupada's movement.

The four discs come with PC/Macintosh QuickTime installer software, and are available now.

Prices are: DVD four-disc set, $40 US plus postage. Mp4 four-CD set $20 US plus postage. (For international postage, please add 15 percent.) Pay by Credit Card/Paypal/Cheque. Please contact Prananatha das for details.