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"Mathura Meets Vrindavan" book features Orissan art

by Madhavananda das

Posted July 7, 2003

Gopaljiu Publications announces the release of a book of Sri Gour Govinda Swami lectures entitled "Mathura Meets Vrindavan".

The ecstatic love for Krishna possessed by the residents of Vrindavan far exceeds that found in any other place. When Krishna suddenly departed for Mathura He plunged the Vrajabasis into an ocean of sorrow. What was His purpose in leaving? What happened when His messenger Uddhava arrived in Vraja with a message of love? And, most of all, how is it that Krishna never leaves Vrindavan?

"Mathura Meets Vrindavan" attempts to recreate something of the mood of reading an ancient palm leaf manuscript by illustrating the pages in the traditional Orissan style of art known as pata-citra. Gour Govinda Maharaj liked pata-citra art, and as a boy he grew up reading from palm leaf books. To illustrate his lectures included in this volume, the editors commissioned more than 100 original pata-citra paintings.

Read an excerpt and view some of the paintings:

The book is available in North America from Krishna Culture, in Europe from Bhaktivedanta Library Services, or from the publisher, Gopal Jiu Publications.