Chakra Announcements

Baltimore temple seeks Preachers, Books Distributors, Pujaris, etc.

by Sunanda

Posted July 5, 2003

In an effort to expand Srila Prabhupada's Baltimore temple and the general preaching of Krishna consciousness in this area, we are seeking dedicated preachers, book distributors, pujaris, cooks, etc., either single or married, who would like to give their heart and soul to our Guru Maharaja's mission here. There is an open field for all kinds of preaching and book distribution, (college preaching, harinama, home programs, Indian congregation, etc) as well as full or part-time temple services, serving the Deities, Their Lordships Jagannath, Baladeva and Lady Subhadra and Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundara, and maintaining the temple. If you have a pioneering spirit and a burning desire to preach Krishna consiousness or just looking for a new situation that may better serve your needs and provide an opportunity for devotional service, please contact Sunanda at or call 410-747-1843.