Chakra Announcements

Memories Part 47 - New

by Siddhanta das

Posted January 28, 2007

It is with pleasure that we announce that the next "Memory" DVD is now edited and ready for distribution. This two hour tape contains many memorable anecdotes from twenty disciples of His Divine Grace. They include Annada dasi, Bhagavati dasi, Bhuta Bhavana das, Dhanistha dasi, Dhirasanta das, Dravinaksa das, Gurudas, Hansadutta, Jayapataka Swami, Krsnavesa dasi, Malati dasi, Mulaprakrit dasi, Padmanabha das, Rajendranandana das, Ranadhir das, Tamal Krsna Goswami, Tribhuvanath das, Sukhada dasi, Ugrasrava das and Vasudeva das from Fiji. Among other things you will learn the art of negotiation as developed by Srila Prabhupada; you will hear how Prabhupada cleverly united disagreeing devotees; and learn the history as to why Srila Prabhupada exiled four of his sannyasis.

$19.95 plus $2.50 s&h (US) or plus $7.50 s&h (outside US)

For all participating devotees, please e-mail Siddhanta at to receive your complimentary DVD.

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