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Devotee Loses Japa Mala In Panchgani

by Geetanjali (Joshi) Bothe dasi

Posted January 25, 2006

I have lost my chanting beads (Japa-mala) and the bag, which had Shri Krishna and Radharani on it, as well as some money, which I had saved to offer to Lord Krishna in Vrindavan Dham when I could get an opportunity to go there.

We had been to Panchgani (a hill station in Maharashtra where the Pandavas had stopped when they were in exile, near Mahableshwar).

I thought Shri Krishna and Radharani should be there with me, wherever I go, so I carried the bead bag in another green velvet bag. We had stopped to have some snacks in a small hotel at Table Land point, in Panchgani. I was carrying my baby; however, I forgot that bag there. Just fifteen minutes later, I sent my husband to see if the bag might still be there, but it was not. We searched, but we did not find it.

It was lost January 8. I am deeply pained by that incident. Devotees can understand the importance of this. If anyone knows anyone in Panchgani, Table Land point, I would deeply appreciate any help in recovering it.

I would be extremely happy if I recieve it.
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