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Get Out of Debt Now!

by Anandamayi Dasi

Posted January 24, 2007

I would like to offer all devotees who currently have debt an opportunity to eliminate it. As many devotees have outside responsibilities, we have taken on debt; Credit card, student loans, mortgage ect. sometimes taking us longer than expected to pay them off. Nobody wants to be paying off a mortgage for 30 years when they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars and use your savings to go to the holy dham.

This is not a hardship program so you should be current on your payments, living pay check to paycheck or financially stable.

I am offering free debt analysis. This will show you how much we can save you and how fast we can payoff all bills including mortgages. We took 18 years off our mortgage and saved 321k wow and our payments remained the same.

Call me at +1-818-998-0125 for information. There is no obligation, most plans are free of charge all fees are taken from your savings.

If you have debt don't wait...If you know anyone in debt, please share this information with them. Stop paying the banks and lenders more money than you have to. for info.. or email me direct at

If you are looking for a mortgage or to refinance.. we can also help with that and you will be enrolled to our debt elimination program and pay of your mortgage in half the time or sooner.

Anandamayi Dasi
(Andrea Das)
Freedom Financial Group
Senior Consultant

We are currently looking for reps. Free training.