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Buddhi Yoga Society seeking CEO

by Kishor Stein

Posted January 24, 2005

We are seeking an experienced, talented and caring individual to head up the maintenance and future development of a non-profit Cooperative infrastructure that has been designed and launched to help the Vaishnava society with retirement plans, health care, old age home resources, and hospice resources and facilities. This service opportunity is just that, service. Since we are in grassroots stages and seeking funding, there is no remuneration being offered at this time. However, we trust that with the right person at the helm such funding will come timely and as needed. This is a part time position promising to become a paid position by the supply and demand factor of the services needed by our God brothers and God sisters. We have incorporated as a public benefit corporation in order to become qualified for grants and other funding.

The Coop idea came about in order to target resources outside of the administration of the various groups and thereby creating a work force where each individual would freely volunteer his/her time for a minimal amount of time while enjoying the benefits of the cooperative, and while rendering service to the collective sanga. We are now accepting resumes in PDF format only.

Our website,, outlines the various mechanisms, goals and objectives. Please visit us there before submitting.

Our email address is